Componenta Dökümcülük AS IR

These IR pages provide actual information about Componenta Dökümcülük Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S. which belongs to Componenta Group. Componenta Dökümcülük is listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Its main shareholder is Componenta Corporation with 93.6% holding of the shares. The amount of other shareholders is approx 2,900.

Componenta A.S. was established in Orhangazi-Bursa, Turkey in 1973 and it started production of iron castings in 1977. The Manisa alumimium foundry joined the company in 1999. Since December 2006 Componenta A.S. foundries in Orhangazi and Manisa have been part of Componenta Group. 

The  IR information of Componenta A.S. is available in English and in Turkish.   

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Sibel Binici
Turkey CFO
Componenta Dökümcülük A.S.  
Tel. +90 224 573 4263