Componenta is serving globally and locally operating customers in automotive and heavy trucks, agriculture , construction and mining, machine building and wind power industries. Componenta's main competitors by customer industry are as follows.


Georg Fischer Automotive (CH), Nemak (MX), Honsel (DE), TeksidIron (IT), Montupet (FR), KSM castings (DE), Infun Group (SP)

Heavy trucks

Georg Fischer Automotive (CH), Nemak (MX), TeksidIron (IT), Fritz Winter (DE), Infun Group (SP), SLR Group (DE), Castings Plc. (UK), Birn A/S (DK)

Machine building

Fritz Winter (DE), Casting Technologies CT GmbH (DE), Siempelkamp (DE), Birn A/S (DK)


SLR Group (DE)

Construction and mining

SLR Group (DE) 

In Europe, restructuring in the foundry industry has taken place during the recent past years. Foundries have grown in size and specialized in full service deliveries. Machine shop production and upgrading of castings still take place mainly at small machine shops with local operations. Consolidation among both suppliers and customers to bigger entities and increasing competition in the cast component market challenge also the cast suppliers for changes in the future.