From components to solutions selling

Componenta provides added value for our customers through close cooperation and partnership in product development, by providing both advanced engineering and product optimization services. Our engineers offer their expertise in casting and cast design, and helped customers in their product development by improving cast component designs as well as engineering components together with the customer. Our advanced engineers are able to fine-tune cast components' characteristics to specific customer needs, such as integrating separate features into a cast, reducing weight, adding strength or damping vibrations. This means, for example, better fuel economy and less CO2 emissions for end customers' products.

We can also optimize the design of castability, for smooth and cost-effective production. As a result, our customers have a technically optimized product combined with lower total costs. In designing and optimizing components we use modeling, analyzing and simulation tools including CAD and stress and natural frequency analysis tools, as well as foundry process simulations including filling, solidification and flow simulations.

Based on customer demands, different methods for design solutions are served to customers i.e. finite elements method approach, natural frequency analysis, casting simulations & CAD

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