Specialized know-how

Componenta's advanced engineers have worked together with a car producer in a joint product development project, the result of which is now in serial production. Originally the sheet-metal part was welded together from several parts, and it weighed 17 kilograms. With a new design, the entire component is now cast at one time in aluminium. Thus no further assembly and finishing is needed in the customer's production line, reducing labor costs.

Since the part was cast in aluminium, its weight has also dropped to 10.4 kilograms, some 40% of its original weight. In addition to the design, also the casting process was optimized. The benefits for the end customer are passenger comfort for lowered noise and vibration due to minimized unsprung weight, better crash safety, more silent suspension, lowered fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and, in some countries, tax benefits due to reduced total weight of the vehicle.

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