The shares of Componenta Corporation are quoted on the Nasdaq Helsinki in Finland.

At the end of 2015 Componenta had 2,670 shareholders. A breakdown of shareholders by size of holding and sector is given in the 2015 Financial Statements.

Componenta’s largest shareholders were Erkki Etola through the companies Tiiviste-Group Oy and Etra Capital Oy in which he exercises control (altogether 17.28%) and Heikki Lehtonen through the companies Cabana Trade S.A. and Oy Högfors-Trading Ab in which he exercises control (altogether 11.85%).

Componenta has a total of 97,269,224 shares  on 31 Dec 2015. At the end of the financial year 2015 the quoted price of the share was EUR 0.69 (0.72) and the share capital had a market capitalization of EUR 66,6 (69.5) million. The volume of shares traded during the year was equivalent to 12.3% (26.1%) of the share stock.

Dividend policy

The Board of Directors takes the financial performance, financing structure and growth expectations into account when making its proposal for the dividend to be paid. The goal is to pay a dividend of 25% - 40% of net profit.

The Board of Directors proposes to the Annual General Meeting to be held on 1 April 2016 that no dividend be paid for the 1 January - 31 December 2015 financial period.