Profitable operations allow us to create economic added value for our stakeholders. Componenta's main groups of stakeholders include customers, personnel, owners, investors, financial institutions, suppliers and subcontractors as well as society, authorities and the neighbours of our production units. We aim to meet our stakeholders' expectations through our operations, and their feedback helps us to develop our operations and services. 




Cooperation with our customers is based on trust, which is reflected in our many long-term customer relationships.  

  • In order to increase and improve cooperation with our customers, we are continuously developing our operations and competence. 
  • This ensures that our customers can turn to us for the best solutions and service at all stages of the supply chain. 


Componenta employed approximately 4,270  people at the end of 2015, including leased personnel.

  • Our competent and committed personnel ensure the fluency of everyday business and the long-term development of the company, as well as the achievement of our strategic goals.
  • We do not approve of any forms of discrimination under any circumstances.
  • We aim to cooperate actively with all of our employee groups in all Componenta countries.

Owners and investors

At the end of 2015, Componenta had 2,670 shareholders.

  • Investor and analyst meetings.
  • Providing comprehensive information on Componenta. 

Financial institutions


  • We engage in ongoing dialogue with banks in order to ensure suitable and affordable funding options for our business. 

Suppliers and subcontractors



  • In the procurement of raw materials, we pay special attention to environmental and safety requirements, social responsibility and ethics.
  • With regard to supplier quality, our strategic goal is the prevention of problems.
  • We do not accept or pay bribes or make any other illegal payments.

Society, authorities and surrounding areas

  • Componenta belongs to several industry and sector associations and actively participates in the activities and projects of sector associations in the Componenta countries.
  • We play a constant role in several development projects together with other companies, universities and research institutes.